Dear [Anonymous],

If you define vulgarity as anything that goes against the status quo, then you have to rip down all of the flyers for LGBTQ rights and women's rights. The argument you quoted in the book sounds like you resist change and progress; and would prefer to live in a pre-industrial society. If you want to live such a life you are free to do so. However, the rest of the world will move forward into a brighter future.

Might we also point out that our club AND flyer are Student Association approved. You're flyer was not and as such should not be posted on a campus bulletin board.

We don't rip down the flyers of the religious clubs on campus even though their flyers offend some of our members. Just because you don't like our flyer doesn't give you the right to rip it down.

The fact that you quoted a book on graphic design confused us.

It could also be said that you have committed an ad hominem logical fallacy in your reasoning to justify your destructive action:

Ad hominem is where you attack your opponent's character or personal traits instead of engaging with their argument. Ad hominem attacks can take the form of overtly attacking somebody, or more subtly casting doubt on their character or personal attributes. The desired result of an ad hominem attack is to undermine one's opponent without actually having to engage with their argument or present a compelling argument of one's own.

Please have a valid logical reason for destroying our flyers before you do so again.

In [Love] We Trust,
Secular Student Alliance of New Paltz

P.S. If we find out who posted this we will be reporting them to campus officials.

“I had become too accustomed to the pseudo-Left new style, whereby if your opponent thought he had identified your lowest possible motive, he was quite certain that he had isolated the only real one. This VULGAR method, which is now the norm and the standard in much non-Left journalism as well, is designed to have the effect of making any noisy moron into a master analyst.”
Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22: A Memoir

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